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What are my clients saying

Wow! Jesse did a fantastic job providing massages to my partner and I at our hotel. He is very friendly and professional and we really enjoyed chatting to him. He will tailor the massage specifically as you prefer/need, and thanks to his physiotherapy background he gave some great advice for my partner's long-standing injury, and expertly manipulated it to help it heal more quickly. If you want a highly affordable, convenient massage that will perfectly suit your body needs, we recommend you give Jesse a call!

Caroline M.

What our customers are saying

Amazing ! One of the best massages I have had! I've had many but Jesse really did a fantastic job. Also, nice that he has a mobile service and I was able to get a massage on the balcony of my hotel apartment! Vet professional and friendly ! Highly recommend it for travelers !

Michelle M.



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Merry christmas, Frohe weihnachten, bom natal and a vrolijk kerstmis!!


Once again it was a busy summer. Now its time to relax! Massage is a * luxury * that you cant afford to miss.


You cant buy happiness but you can buy a massage and thats kind of the same!!!


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Drink lemon water after a massage to enjoy health benefits like rehydration, immune system boost and blood purification.


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Relax, enjoy and rejuvenate. Make massage a regular part of your well being routine.


Massage benefits: Massage reduces muscle pain, reduces muscle tension and improves sleep quality.


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Now available hotstone or coldstone/ice massage. Also new "Physiotherapy webcam excersise consult"


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Since the end of september living in Portugal. Now finally feeling a bit settled down. MyoMao is working on translating the website into English.