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When you book an hour massage you GET an hour massage. The price will be the above price. Any extra time i use for setting up, preparing and time i need afterwards will not be charged. The price below includes transport costs. (No extra transport costs will be charged)

Prizes massages

Relaxation massages

60 minutes €45,- & 90 minutes €67,5


Classic swedish massage

60 minutes €45,- & 90 minutes €67,5


Combination massage

60 minutes €45,- & 90 minutes €67,5


Partial massage

20 minutes €30,- & 30 minutes €35,- & 40 minutes €40,-


Duo or 4 hands massage

60 minutes €55,- & 90 minutes €82,5 Price per massage-therapist



90 minutes


Cold stone/ice energizing massage

90 minutes


Massage for bussinesses and companys

Contact me for the possibilitys

Massage outside concelho/district Portimao

Above you find the prices for concelho/district Portimao & Alvor. Outside concelho/district portimao & alvor the price might be different because of transportation costs. Are you not living or staying in concelho/district Portimao & alvor and you want a massage. Contact me to find out the costs of the massage outside of district Portimao & Alvor

Practical information

Massages are possible every day of the week both during the day as well as during the evening. I only work on appointments.

During the massages at all time your wishes and boundaries are respected. When you have special requests feel free to ask.

Please shower at home before the massage due to hygiene standards.

Combinations between different massages or treatments are possible.

On behalf of your health there are no massages given with fever, flu, severe colds, contagious skin disease, vascular conditions, inflammations, high blood pressure, hearth condition, extreme fatigue.

Also, there are no massage being given in combination with use of drugs, antibiotics, and blood thinners. With severe menopause symptoms please first contact your doctor.

Do you want to give someone a massage or treatment as a gift. You can order a present coupon.

Please feel free to seek contact for more information or to make an appointment.